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28 years of hair replacement Sydney

With 28 years of expertise and high-quality personal care we have transformed the lives of 455 clients, allowing them to rediscover their self-confidence.

At our Sydney salon, we believe that everyone deserves to look and feel their best, and we have tried to provide you with all the information in this web site on how we have done this and how it will work for you.

Our team are also our clients. We have asked them to provide most of the information in this web site so you get the true information rather than information written by web designers.

We truly hope you will enjoy their feelings and take a few minutes to have a chat with them after to start your journey.

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The Process

Your journey

For two decades, we’ve been creating transformations and redefining confidence.

Your journey to renewed self-confidence begins with a personalized consultation, where your unique vision is embraced and your questions met with honest and self experienced answers.

After your meeting with one of our team members and you feel that you want to experience their success,  we meticulously craft a tailor-made solution, seamlessly integrating your hair with your new hair solution.

Your  journey will take you to the same place as our 450 clients are at. A journey starts with just one step.

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Have an initial personalised chat with one of our CLIENTS AND CONSULTANTS.

Meet the Founder

28 years of styling and integrating 450 clients & also a user of the system.


Your new designed system integrated and a whole new you begins!

Homepage The Hair Crew
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We are here to answers your questions, provide you with confidence and assit you every step of the way.

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