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Here are some frequently asked questions

Our team of experts are also clients who enjoy our integrated system.

Because of this, we understand your concerns and prioritise your confidence throughout your hair transformation journey. 

We’ve compiled answers to some common questions to help you make an informed decision

Certainly not! Our systems have been used by over 200 clients for many years, during various physical activities such as swimming and attending gyms, without a single incident of falling off.

Our hair replacement systems are customised to perfectly integrate with your natural hair. We match your hair texture, color, length, and even the amount of
white or colored hair you have.

When it comes to hair replacement, it’s best to start when you first notice your hair starting to thin. By doing so, the transition will be less noticeable to
others. As time goes on and your hair continues to thin, we’ll ensure that your hair replacement blends in seamlessly, helping you maintain a youthful

Our hair replacement system are made of 100% human hair that matches your hair’s natural texture, whether it’s wavy or straight.

Our clients participate in a variety of physical activities, including swimming, going to the gym, playing sports, and more.

This is a very personal concern. Whether it’s your kids or partner playing with your hair, it will feel just like real hair and won’t move.

Most certainly, you wash your hair as you always have; you use the same shampoo and conditioner and the same comb or brush. Its an integrated part of your hair and needs no special treatment.

You look after your hair replacement the same way you look after your natural hair. Regular haircut and wash and style.

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